The Importance of Construction Training for Technicians and Leaders

The benefits of training in the construction industry are many. As the industry continues to grow, you want to allow yourself to succeed by ensuring that you have the correct skills that are needed by the industry players.

Only through training you can be able to take advantage of the many opportunities that exist. Here are a few of the many advantages you get when you train as a professional construction tradesperson. 

To gain job proficiency

Unlike some popular beliefs about construction work, you don’t need a specialized set of skills. This is no longer the case in the modern construction environment. Apart from not knowing what to do, the construction site is a dangerous environment. You want to not just know what to do. You also want to know how to safely navigate the many hazards. 

Training gives you the necessary job proficiency. Whatever you choose to do, you will have the skills to do it safely, correctly, and efficiently. Training also helps you understand your role in the overall construction environment. You will know how each technician’s work interacts with your work so that you can work in tandem.

As a plumbing specialist, you understand how plumbing and heating and cooling systems interact. You also know about other structural aspects of the house or structure and how they interact with what you do. Even when it comes to site supervision and construction project management, you have the full picture of what is needed to complete the job effectively.

Make your work easy

Doing something that you barely understand can be the most dangerous and impossible job you can try. However, as you get proficiency in a certain job, it becomes easier. Much easier to diagnose problems when they arise, and much easier to avoid common mistakes.

Good training includes three aspects: theory, illustration, and practical work. As long as you have trained with the right professional training institution, you will have aspects of all of them helping you achieve stronger workplace understanding.

Overall, training allows you to do tasks effortlessly. It also improves overall job satisfaction. You know how to use the tools and equipment, know how to stay safe in an environment laden with hazards, and how to work with other professionals.

You can be happier overall when you don’t struggle to do tasks assigned to you. So, eventually, this can improve your overall well-being in life.

Career progression

You need skills and training to advance in your career. The majority of the technicians who start in the construction industry generally start at the apprentice level. It is after some time that they decide that it is something they want to do. 

Studies have shown that higher skill training is one of the biggest determinants when it comes to career progression, followed by job proficiency, and leadership initiatives. 

If you are not growing your skillset through training and industry proficiency, you will most certainly cripple your career in construction. To ensure that construction training helps you progress in your career, it is important that you pick the right skill set, learn it from the best, and ensure that you have the opportunity to practice. It would be self-sabotage if you gained skills and did not practice them. 

Improve workplace safety

As noted, the construction industry involves handling heavy equipment, potentially risky materials such as Portland cement, and many other potential hazards. You want to learn safety as a core part of your training. 

This safety includes proper use of machinery, correct handling of materials, and overall use of proper gear and tools to do the work. Nowadays, construction technicians use many tools and equipment to do most of the work, such as digging, compacting, excavation, lifting, scraping, and unloading. 

You want to learn the basic operational and safety protocols so that you can interact with those plant safely. 

Without safety training, you will be a risk to yourself and others.

With the correct safety training in construction, you can be a valuable member of the team.

To take advantage of the market shortage

There is a projected shortage of trained construction workers across the world. In the UK, a significant shortage of skills is evident. Experts suggest that the biggest problem is that the UK construction labour is ageing rapidly with younger recruits short of the requisite skills.

Training will set you apart from the rest. As indicated, as the old labour force exits, it will leave significant knowledge and skill gaps that will likely be filled by those with the training and experience. An opportunity for growth is presenting itself disguised as a labour shortage.

Further, the shortage will likely change the fortunes of the existing workforce as competition for the available skilled labour intensifies. Incomes are likely to continue their growth trends in the industry. When incomes improve, they tend to favour highly skilled and highly specialized labour.

Only through training can you be able to become a highly skilled employee. It is also through specialized training that you gain those specialist skills that employers are looking for. 

To join professional bodies

Every professional body has a set of requirements for members. If you don’t have proven records that you have fulfilled the requirements, you cannot join. Professional bodies and associations provide a cushion for the professionals within the field, including collective bargaining and career mentorship. 

You don’t want to miss out on these opportunities by not taking the professional certification of your choice. You must pick accredited institutions for your training. Some people end up training with unrecognized institutions making their trades and vocational certificates useless. 

Technology training

Rapid technological advancements are changing the world. Understanding construction technology and being able to use it in a construction project is a valuable skill that will improve your career. 

Getting back to school or learning part-time skills in the use of technology, such as machine operations, equipment handling, integrated technologies such as robotics, and so on, separates you from a lot of construction professionals. Chances are that you will be the only one with such skills within your department or company making you an invaluable asset.  

There are trade schools and specialized schools that offer different construction technologies for a discerning student. It can be offered as additional certification of endorsement. 

You can also learn modern construction operational skills, such as documentation, digital 3D plans interpretation, bidding, estimation, scheduling and planning, and site management. All these skills combined with trade experience give you an edge when it comes to promotion and income growth.

Gain valuable industry networks

Training can be a good place to start your industry networking efforts. Just like any other industry, networking adds significant value to any person. It creates opportunities for training, mentorship, jobs, and much more.

During training, students can connect with their supervisors, trainers, and fellow students. During events, they can also meet industry players to understand trends and growth opportunities. People meet like-minded partners helping them start meaningful industry connections, and sometimes end up partnering in business and innovation.

Final words

To get all these advantages, you must choose your training school correctly. You don’t want to make a mistake choosing a training environment that does not prepare you for the modern construction industry needs. Focus on the training institution that offers you the set of skills that you need. 

Ensure that the institution has the right accreditation so that your future as an industry player can be ascertained. Check the most common and respected accreditation bodies for vocational skills. Give the training the best. Companies hire skills that can be transferred into action in the field. Don’t just know the theory part, understand each process and each action so that you can become a dependable labourer. 

During training, connect with industry peers and mentors to allow yourself to succeed in the industry. One training is never enough; continuous professional growth helps you become a future industry leader.

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